EXAPT Industrievereinigung
EXAPT Industrievereinigung

Aims and tasks of the EXAPT-Verein

  • Further development of the EXAPT products according to the latest state of technology
  • Support for the conception of th EXAPT systems for the productive use in the production
  • Preservation of the homogeneity of the EXAPT systems in the sense of the protection of investment for the users
  • Promotion of the exchange of experience between the members
  • Information ot the members about important trends of market and their consideration in the EXAPT product and market strategy
  • Representation in associations to preserve the interests of the members
  • Promotion of the scientific research and development in IT systems for the production
  • General exchange of experience with universities, research departments, associations and authorities
  • Strengthening of the work of the society